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    Did not send it

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  3. Why do people get upset when you treat them the way they treat you ? Tf’ you’re not above anybody ! Sorry to pop your bubble .

  5. Who looks best without makeup?

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  6. Love My Nails 💕 #nailsdid #frenchtip #glitter #roundtips #midirings #inlove


  9. It’s time for me to let you go & leave you alone cuz you will never Treat me the way I should be treated . You will never care for me the way I care for you . & the longer I hold on to you the longer I’m just hurting myself 💔

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    found two kitties cuddling by the sea

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  15. " Some people only hate you because of the way other people love you " ☀️💕 #selfie #smile #peoplehate #peoplelove #jealously #sunnyday #newromper #charlotterusse #loveit #timeforwork